Lunds Nation

Lunds Nation is situated in the central parts of Lund, just next to the botanical gardens. With thousands of members it is one of the biggest nations in Lund. The nation hosts activities every day such as lunches, brunches, dinners, pubs, nightclubs, radio broadcasts, sports activities and cultural events. At Lunds Nation there is something for everyone!

With nightclubs such as Retro, Penthouse and Playground, Lunds Nation invites you to dance all night long every Saturday and every other Thursday. When the night club on Thursdays is closed, we open our welcoming pub Burgers & Shakes. In addition to our running activities, we host larger parties such as our ball – Finnfesten, novischparties, Oktoberfest, our Christmas party and our one-day music festival, Vårfesten (“Spring Party”).

Lunds nation also offers accommodation for our members; we have approximately 275 rooms and apartments, reserved exclusively for our members. You are always welcome at Lunds nation!

Want to get Involved?

Are you interested in working with us? We offer fun and social work with our foremen, whether you are interested in serving food during sittnings, mixing drinks behind the bar or even cooking a fantastic brunch for fellow hungover students. Register below and we’ll get back to you!