To become a member of Studentlund and Lunds nation is a two-step process:

  1. Sign up – You can sign up for Studentlund starting July 1st. Go to and select English in the top right hand corner. Then click the “Sign up” button to start the registration process. During the registration you can pay your membership fee online to make the process of signing up easier. To sign up you need a swedish temporary personal number or a LU Identity Number along with an application code. Both which are usually found on you letter of acceptance. If you do not have this information please contact Lund University who can give you this.
  2. Register at Lunds Nation – Visit our registration which opens during August (see our Facebook for exact dates) once you have arrived in Lund to register with Lunds Nation. At the registration our foremen (volunteers at the nation) will help you out with the registration and can answer questions you may have about Lunds Nation and student life in general. If you want to get involved in our activities this is also a great time to find out more! Do remember to bring you letter of acceptance along with photo id or your LU-card.
    Please note that the registration is still open after the Novisch-period (a period of approx. a month in the beginning of the semester), however the opening hours are 11-13 on weekdays and 17-18 on Thursdays and Saturdays.