Moving House

Moving in

Extradition of keys

Moving in usually occurs the first weekday of the month.

The housing foremen will contact the new resident with information of where and when you can pick up your keys.

In the cases where you can move in earlier, the housing foremen will contact you by e-mail.

Home insurance

Regardless if you rent a corridor room or an apartment you need to get your own home insurance. The insurance of Lunds Nation does not cover damage of your private belongings. You as the contractor are responsible and have a liability against damages that may occur by your actions or through recklessness of anyone who visits you. This also applies if you sublease.


You as a tenant will pay a deposition with your first rent. For corridor rooms the deposition is 3000 sek and for apartments the deposition is between 4500 and 8000 sek.

Moving out


You cancel your lease by, during our office hours, visiting us and signing the termination. The period of notice can not be shortened and it enters in force on the last of a month. This means that if you are to move from your housing on the last of may, for example, you have to cancel your lease, at the latest, on the 30th of april if you have one months notice.


When you are moving out of your housing it will be inspected by the janitor or the housing foremen.

The housing must be empty of personal items and completely cleaned.

A list of cleaning requirements can be found here.

Please observe that you as a tenant have to be present at the inspection to explain eventual damages or sub standard cleaning.


For the safety of our tenants we always conduct a complete exchange of locks when a key has been lost. Changing of cylinder, keys and tags are always debited to the tenant.


When moving out, you fill out the deposition form which you can find here.

The deposition will be payed out within 4-6 weeks.

Eventual damages or sub standard cleaning will lead to a deduction in the amount that will be paid back.