Corridor room application

Corridor room application

Vad roligt att du är intresserad av att bo i korridorsrum på Lunds nation! Vi har ca 100 rum fördelat på tre hus; Gamla huset (GH), Nya huset (NH) och Arkivet. Dessa tilldelas genom ett kösystem. Du ställer dig i kö genom att fylla i ansökan nedan. Observera att du måste konfirmera din köplats genom att komma in och uppvisa legitimation och studentlegitimation under husets expeditionstid som är måndagar (Arkivet) mellan 18-19 och torsdagar (Nationshuset) mellan 18-19.

Please note! When you are in our corridor queue you have to confirm your placement in the queue by coming into our offices at the nation once a semester. If you don’t this, you will be removed from the queue.  


As a new student at Lunds University you can join our corridor lottery which takes place in August and January every year. Do not forget to check the “I’m a new student” box in the form below.

How the queue system works

As an active member of Lunds nation you can advance in the queue system by working at the different committees.

By working two times for the same forman or three times for different formen during a semester at any of our committees you get two housing points. It is your responsibility to update the housing formen about your status as a worker.

As a forman you get four points per semester.